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Antimatter:  The attached references show some of the antimatter propulsion ideas.  Hope they help.  Typically, we don’t talk too much about antimatter for any near term vehicles, as the radiation from such reactions (in a BIG spacecraft) is deadly to humans.



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Next I will talk about antimatter.  When antimatter comes in contact with matter, they explode. Antimatter is composed of positrons (anti-electrons, or electrons with positive charges), and antiprotons.  Both of these, among other antiparticles are routinely created at certain particle accelerators.  in 1995 they created the first anti-atom , anti-hydrogen at CERN.

Unfortunately it currently costs about $100,000,000,000 to create a milligram of antimatter, which is far more than needed for current experiments, but is about the amount needed for large scale use.  In order to be used commercially, that price would need to decrease to about $10,000,000.  Also it takes more energy to create anti-matter than the reaction creates.

  • My first question regarding antimatter is approximately how long do you think it will be before we launch the first antimatter propelled spacecraft, or do you think we ever will?
  • My second question regarding antimatter is how much energy does the reaction creating antimatter need, and how much energy does the matter-antimatter reaction give off?